Thursday, July 31, 2008

Embroidered Purses&Bags - A little 'Granny' - charm

Embroidered stuff always let me think on my Granny sitting on a chair and stitching a tea-cloth.
My mother bought a few weeks ago this flowered stitched purse.She doesn't use it and my faux 'Miu Miu' purse is broken so I got her new one.It's very big and reminds a bit to a clutch but I love it.
Embroidered bags/purses give the outfit an interesting vintage character like seen on topmodel Iekeline Stange and a few other bloggers.What do you think?Only something for old ladies or definately something for your wardrobe?Tell me!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Sunny Day

Holidays can be so boring if you stay home but luckily Lara is still there.Today we went to the city.After a little grubbing trough some stores we went drinking a cold juice in a cafe (very yummi and refreshing!).Because there wasn't something else to do we went on a discovering tour through the lanes of our small city and I can tell there are much!We went here and there and took some photos.This white house will be ours in a few years so you are hearty invited to come to our house-warming-party.All in all it was a very funny and nice time with some new discoveries and friends :)

P.S. For the pic where you can see us both we placed the cam on a garbage bin.
To read more and see pics visit L'Avant Garde.

What I wore..........

Denim jumper:Cubus,top:Karstadt,gladiators:C&A,bracelets:Kult and indian shop,sunnies:A one dollar shop in our time


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's go to the Beach!

Summer is back since a week one and I really enjoy the sun.Yesterday it was very hot and the sun was shining so bright so I went to the beach with Lara . For me it was the first time this year.Like exspected the water was too cold to swim but anyway we had a good time chilling,listening to music and eating ice cream.
Except all that wasps I had to ran away from a few times it was great day.Anyway I still hope for a trip to south.Well, beach is not beach!

I wish you lots of Summer Love

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Attention,these might bit you! - Croco Bags

One or two years ago I bought my mother together with my two older sisters and my Daddy this faux Croco leather bag.She loves the bag but doesn't carry it so often because it's a very heavy one.Seems like the vintage Fendi of the Olsen sisters is a lot easier because they're spotted nearly ones a week with their quadratic crocodile.I think these bags always look very expensive and give a casual outfit a very noble touch.The Olsen's bag is adorable.Maybe I'm gonna try my Momy's bag to get a kingly safara touch.I'm sure she won't mind.Me personally I wouldn't wear a real one because I'm against killing animals for fashion.Same with fur.
What do you think about these bags?Hate them or love them?Thinking of getting one?




Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Gadget with It-Factor - Blackberry

For years now we see celebs talking or writing on this gadget that reminds a bit to a handcalculator - Blackberries.Their main function is receiving and sending mails,but they have also smartphone functions.
A Blackberry or other phone is standing on top of my wishlist.Hopefully someone reads this.I What about you?Do you have one,hate or love them?Tell me!

Ah..maybe I should mention this:At the moment I'm using a old Sagem mobile phone without a color display.Well an oldie but goldie.But I've to say I'm not the kind of person who can't live with a handy anyway it's time for changes.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gladiator Obession

It took a long long time till I found a pair of gladiators.Last month I finally did and I can't take my eyes off of these sandals anymore.I totally love them.At beginning I wasn't sure about these sandals, because I wanted another pair but then I bought them.They were not expensive at all only 25€.Now I can't live without them anymore...well I guess!