Thursday, October 30, 2008

60s Icon Twiggy

Aloha everyone. Sorry for not posting the last days but school just started again and there's was aweful lot to do and over all learn. Fortunately it's friday and I can finally start over with a new post. The 60s fashion icon and topmodel Twiggy alias. Lesley Hornby has been one of my lovies for a couple years now so it's definately high time to write about her.

In 1966 she was discovered. Because of her tiny image (she weight only 90lbs/41kg) the 16 year old kept her childhood nickname Twiggy and became The Face of '66. One year later she arrived in New York and turned the whole fashion scene upside down. Even if no one believed, she became the leading supermodel, later also an actress and singer.

With her short adrogynous pixie hair-cut, the fake XXL-eyelashes, stylish outfits and of course unhealthy low weight she created a complete new look and became a style icon who was copied by millions of teens.

Today the british is 59 years old and has a few public appearances, f.e. in the America's Next Topmodel-jury.

For me Twiggy is a formative character for the world wide fashion. I love her dramatic eye make-up and short dresses. Twiggy was an idol for many young girls and so unfortunately her skinny shape.

What's your opinion on Twiggy? Is she a real style icon?

P.S. It was quite hard to chose only a few pics because there were so awesome ones.

Have a nice week-end and to some of you HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Fur-Nation

Fur had been really out of fashion. Fashionistas like Kate Moss, Nicole Richie and the Olsens were often spotted wearing fury stuff recently but also in the past. Well maybe fur never had been out but right now it's booming.

Doesn't sound bad at all but the mean thing about this trend is that many of these ladies wear real fur and not faked alternatives.

Vero Moda fake fur vest with removable hood (old school). Vintage kids wear plush leo jacket.

Since I'm against killing animals for the purpose of fashion you can guess easily that the vest and jacket I'm wearing in the pics above are not real fur. I got the vest a couple years ago for christmas. It's very warm and cozy but the problem is I'm always feeling kind of strange in it so I didn't wear it often. The black white wanna-be leo jacket next-door is vintage kids wear. I got it last month at a garage sale for only 2€. Just like about the vest I'm also undecided about it and often think it looks a bit trashy. I could see myself wearing the vest in a bohemian way with a bright dress and my Minnetonkas but the leo one... Any idea? Would be very helpful.

And besides what do you think about fur? Is real fur ok or a no-go?

Tell me!



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From Hamburg to the World - New Topmodel Toni Garrn

Once upon a time there was a 16 year old blonde girl living in Hamburg. In the year 2006, during the World Cup she went to a fan event at the Alster. Suddenly a woman sprang towards her and asked her if she wanted to be a model. The girl said yes. From this day forth she was photographed for many famous fashion mags like Vogue and V-Magazine, presented the latest collections of big designers on the runways of the whole world and became after Natalie Vodianova the new face of Calvin Klein. The girl was so happy and thankful and lived happily ever after in the glamorous world of fashion....

This little story isn't a fairy tale or something, it's a real story that happened to the new topmodel Toni Garrn. A dream huh? Only sweet 17 and already featured in adds for Calvin Klein and Jill Stuart that's just unbelieveable. Her real name is Antonia and she's 1,78 m high.

To me it seemed like the beauty was on nearly every runway at the recent Fashion Weeks.I like her a lot because of naturalness and fresh,young face. Plus her body's in real good shape, she's not too skinny but not too curvy. This girl had a lot of luck but in my opinion she deserves it.

What's your opinion on her?Could she be tomorrow's topmodel?

P.S. I was thrilled by all the comments on my previous post.
Thanks so much to all of you.You're so sweet and intent.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meet my new laced boots and the Eiffel Tower

Vintage beanie.Cubus shirt.Pieces treggings.Reno Boots
As I already mentioned in my previous post I finally found a cheap pair of laced boots at Reno.Actually my momy was looking for shoes but then - while waiting for her - I found them coincidental standing in a corner.Since they were the best pair I ever saw after I've been looking for boots in many many stores I bought them 'cause they were only 30€.And now I'm quite satisfied with them though I'm not so much into the part of the boots where the material is lighter.Well better than nothing right?!

Solo chain.Eiffel Tower was a key fob from a hawker in Paris

A couple days ago I saw a silver necklace with a big Eiffel Tower pendant and just adored it. Suddenly I had the idea to take an old Eiffel Tower key fob my sister brought me from Paris couple years ago as a souvenir, bent the bail and then stick it into an old very expensive chain my dad bought me in denmark.Et voilà une chaîne avec une petite tour d'Eiffel!

Well then I'm leaving tomorrow I'm going to the flew market in the early morning.Hopefully I'll find something interesting.

Of course I'll let you know about my booties ☺

So long...


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another British Fashionista:Fearne Cotton

After Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Daisy Lowe, Peaches and Pixie Geldof here's another fashion-treat from the UK: British TV and radio presenter Fearne Cotton.

Through the Kid's TV show
Finger Tips I've been acquinted with the 27 year old since I was 9. I always liked her a lot and looked upon on her as a very cool chick. Today I admire her good occurrence and mostly cool plus trendy style. She follows the latest trends (f.e. lace) and plays with many colors but soever adds a personal touch. For me Fearne Cotton is definately part of the 'British Fashion League'. What do you think?Is Fearne able to take it on with the other UK fashionistas?

P.S. Finally I found a pair of nice laced boots.I'll show them to you in my next post ☺

Excited about your comments.


Monday, October 13, 2008

The autumn leaves of red and gold

beanie:H&M,coat:H&M,treggings:Pieces,boots:Minnetonka (via Ebay)

Wouhuuuu, since friday 12.10 am I'm officialy on vacation.Two weeks no school doesn't sound bad at all, right? I can tell you autumn has definately arrived over here and it feels like everyday is getting a bit colder. On saturday I went shopping in Hamburg with Lara,my sister and her friends.Though I didn't find everything I wanted all in all it was a quite succesful and over all amusing offbeat to my holidays.Pics of my new stuff will follow in the up coming days. The beanie and treggings I'm wearing in the pics are just a little foretaste.Today I had nothing to do so I went outside and took a few pics.Maybe not the best ones but better than nothing.

Well then gotta clean up my room now.