Friday, February 29, 2008

The Look:Black&White - Chanel Half toned Shades

Karl Lagerfeld presented the half toned shades for the first time at Chanel Spring 2007 Ready to Wear show.Nicole Richie showed off many times with the special sunnies and looked really good.
Lately Mary-Kate Olsen presented her new pair of Chanel shades on her visit to Paris fashion week.
I'm obsessed with these shades!I love the woven verges with the classical Chanel sign and the round glasses.The half black and half white tinge gives an interesting and special look.Want them!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Event Watch:Oscars 2008

The night from Sunday to Monday was the night of the stars:For the 80th time the Acedemy Awards were according.
As every year the biggest Hollywood stars attendet the red-carpet event.
A little fashion watch shows that the color of the evening was definately red!Katherine Heigl,Heidi Klum,Helen Mirren,Miley Cyrus and many more ladies chose the classical color for the major event of the year.2nd prefered color was as always good old black.All in all the dresses seemed very unspectacular to me and I was very disappointed.
Let's hope next year for great,special,new and exciting robes!Maybe the ladies would exert themselves more if they would be honored with an 'Best dressed'-award.I should write a letter to the acedemy and ask for this new category....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Look:Homage to Mini Mouse- White Heart Sunnies

I remember when I was younger I owned a pair of heart sunnies like those who Kelly,Kimberly and Britney
wear on these pics.They look very cute but they're definately more convenient for young chicks - like you and me!Summer can come with this sweet homage to Mini Mouse...

News:Mischa Barton for Iceberg

After rumors and her mugshot it-girl and actress Mischa Barton got out of style.Now she's back.In the latest campaign of grand label Iceberg Mischa looks pretty good,even if she seems a bit dark and bad.
Hope Miss Barton will get better soon...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Beauty:Peace - Hippie Hair

This hippie hair look is also called Y-hair because from behind it looks like an "Y".I guess it's one of the most easiest chic hair looks to style:Part your hair down the middle.Then take two sections of every site and fix it behind with a bracket.Only condition to look like a hippie:Long hair!
It looks best with natural curled hair (Mary-Kate Olsen).I really like this hair do,especially for summer.If my hair is long enough I'll try it too...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Event Watch:BAFTA Awards

Unfortunately I'm ill so I'm really bored and have enough time to dish about fashion and the world....
After a short report about last night's Grammy Awards here's my event watch on a previous festival:The Orange British Academy Film Awards in London.Different than in the last year this year more famous stars from Hollywood and the british film scene showed off on the adapted orange carpet:Sienna Miller,Kate Hudson and a very blonde Jessica Biel.Even if not honored with an award John Galliano was the designer of the evening:5 ladies came in a Dior dress!
For sure the BAFTA Awards are only a little gala beyond Hollywood anyway the celebs looked very glamorous.I just felt a bit sorry for Keira Knightley who looked a bit sick in her metallic Valentino dress...

The Look:Fresh Fruits - Discovering Orange Dresses

Last week I was writing about red dresses now I'm writing about orange.
For sure you noticed more and more celebrity ladies showing off in orange glory...
I never really have been a big fan of the color orange but I've to say that I really liked it on Ashley Olsen and Alicia Keys:On Ash because she's young and made a great contrast with the blue scarf and on Alicia because it looks very pretty to her dark hair.
Sorry Posh,your kimono is nice too but nothing for a fashion show...

Event Watch:The Grammys 2008

Last night it was time for these year's Grammy Awards - the reall upbeat for the Oscars.Stars from music, fashion and other businesses came to get their throphies or just for fun.The red carpet seemed like a bright box of sweets when Rihanna&Co. hit it in their colorful dresses.A confused Amy Winehouse who just rushed from Rehab for the Award show was the winner of the evening.

I really enjoyed Carrie Underwood's fresh summer dress...<

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Look:Necklace Caps

When I saw a black (leather) cap with a necklace on it I think back to Britney Spears domina outfit at the MTV awards long time ago...
Around Thanksgiving Ashley Tisdale showed off with a more glamouros version of britney's old cap.And she's not the only one who likes caps pimped with gold necklaces:Pregnant Jlo was also spotted wearing a leather one.
I'm not sure about those caps.I think I would't wear them personally but really liked it on Ashley!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Look:My Little Freakshow - Nerd Glasses

Chloe Sevigny is one,Daisy Lowe as well,Julia Dunstall soever and Ally Hilfiger of course too - a little "Fashion-Nerd".Latest trend in glasses:Big vintage glasses!
I really like the freaky look.It's funny and a great change in style especially to glamorous outfits.If I had to wear glasses for sure I'd buy the Ray Ban wayfarers or go and get a old one from momy's drawer.A stylish little freakshow for everyday...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Event Watch:Charity at NY Fashion Week - Cipriani Gala

It's Fashion Week in New York.Time for couture,luxus and glamour.Beyond
all that glitters and the champagne VIPs like Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe,Vogue chefs Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld (together with daughter),designer Roberto Cavalli and topmodel Natalia Vodianova attend the Cipriani Gala.On that evening the 'rich and famous' donated over 900.000$ for amfAR charity Aids-research organisation.
Afterwards everyone enjoyed Marc Jacobs documentation 'Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton' at 'Tribeca Grand' hotel.All in all a great event with a great aim!

The Look:Sweet Valentine - Simple Red Dresses

On 14th February it's again time for a bit love love in the air:Valentine's Day!Even if there are still 9 days left to get the perfect present for your darling lately more and more stars showed up in simple red dresses.
The homage to LOVE is never getting really 'out'.Red dresses - no matter if tube,simple or with sleeves - look good on 90% of the woman.
I think it looks really good and cute.
Happy Valentine's day

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Look:Coco Mademoiselle - White Coats with Black Buttons

Spring is coming soon,hopefully but we still have winter!Here in Germany it's getting colder and there's also falling snow in my area.What to wear?
White coats with big black buttons!
Hayden,Miley and Kate show that this elegant look is also something for younger ladies and doesn't look bourgeois or busy - it's classic,chic, fresh and a nice alternative to black coats.
I love the one Hayden is wearing but I'm so sick of wearing warm jumpers,
coats and boots.I want to get my ballet flats out again!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beauty:The new wave - Short Hair Cuts

First it was a Bob and than it became shorter with a Pixie.After 'Posh Spice' more and more female celebs cut their hair into a fresh,saucy wave à la Twiggy.Topmodel Agyness Deyn is famous for her short tuft and showed that it looks great.Latest member of the 'Short-Hair'-club singer Rihanna.
By launching her 'Fashion against Aids'-shirt at H&M the RnB queen showed a saucy,unusual short hair cut.

I'm 50:50 to this look.Sometimes I like it,sometimes I don't - always depense on the type.For sure it's more special and fresh than the normal long wave and a nice alternative,anyway I wouldn't cut my hair like this!