Thursday, February 18, 2010

A minus for Olivia

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Actually I'm totally into Olivia Palermo's style since she is always looking elegant but yet cool and stylish. When I saw this pic of her at NY fashion week I was a little disappointed though. This plaid shirt destroyed the entire look which would have been absolutely stunning and Olivia-like with a simple white/black shirt.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Caroline's giveaway

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Swedish stylist, blogger and fashionista Caroline Blomst offers you the chance to win a great outfit that includes essentiel pieces that you definately need in your closet. You can chose your favorite look from 14 combinations.

Above you can see my favorite look: H&M open-toe Heels, a studded leather jacket from Topshop, striped dress and skirt with leather details from Lindex.

I chose this look because it represents absolutely my style and weardrobe. It's a cool and casual look but yet fierce, that's why it I'd wear it for going-out as well as for school (with flat shoes). Especially the Topshop jacket made me fell in love with this look because I've been desperately seeking a similar one without succes. Besides the striped shirt is a pretty basic you're always in need of and the skirt seems ver unique with its leather look details. And the shoes...they wouldn't only look good, they would also have a meaningful employment by helping me to improve my 'walking-on-high-heels'-skills.

If you're interested in participating in this raffle klick here!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another leather item

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I abandoned hope! Winter just won't leave Germany and I'm really startingt to get in some kind of 'snow-depression'. I just hate it and can't stand it anymore. Definately time to think of something else, so how about a little fashion prediction for spring - in case that it will arive eventually - ?

After leather jackets, skirts and pants our closets will be afflicted now by leather shorts. They were already shown at many FW '09 and repeatedly on the SS '10 runways and lookbooks.

I like them a lot but I didn't get one yet. Maybe it's because I always feel some kind of nasty if I wear leather items? Well I'm gonna stick to trying them and maybe I can even wear them with tights if the winter decides to be a little more indulgent....

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Clogs = The Footwear of Spring/Summer 2010?

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Here we go again guys...After an eternity without having internet - well it seemed so, guess it's because I'm a junkie - here I am back again, curing a cold life from my cozy bed.

Since Chanel's and Louis Vuitton's RTW shows the footwear trend par exellence for the up-coming season is settled: Say hello to (high heeled) clogs ladies. The word 'clogs' made me think at first about the feet of Dutchwoman with blonde braids and checked skirts. Karl Lagerfeld's interpretation made me change my mind quickly. I could totally see myself wearing a dark version like Alexa did lately at Chanel's Haute Couture show. And besides the fact that they're super handy we've to admit that their sound on asphalt is enormouly charming and nostalgic...