Sunday, August 31, 2008

Relaxed Sunday - Boyfriend Jeans

Jeans,H&M (old).Shirt,H&M kids.Skull Scarf,Karstadt.Flats,H&M

If you haven't noticed yet today it's sunday.Unfortunately my last one on vacation because tomorow starts school.Previous I spent the day with cleaning my room and above all mucking out my desk.Well "business before pleasure" right?!Now that I'm done I'm gonna keep busy with the latest In Style but before I leave here a few words on boyfriend jeans which I wore today in a very casual and simple way:
Since Katie Holmes was spotted wearing a pair of pegged XL-jeans that look has been more and more discussed.In a way I liked it on her in another not that much.Anyway I thought today is the perfect day for trying that look and here you can see what came out of that.I can tell you these pants are much more comfy than skinnies and foremost you've more mobility - exactly what you need for a relaxed sunday.....
What do you think about them?Would you wear it?Should I do it again and not only at home?
I'm very excited to your answers because I'm so undecided about it.

P.S. I wanna save you from my sleepy face so enjoy this amusing monkey instead.Maybe you'll
find some affinity between the both of us ☺

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Fashion Blogger Elite

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These 10 ladies are a few of my favorite fashion bloggers at the moment and belong to my daily reads.Check out their blogs!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to Black - I'm home....

Hola amigas y amigos de moda.Commo esta?
Just got back from Mallorca the day before and I can tell you it was AMAZING but a lot too short.Exceptthe fresh breezes and a bit rain (luckily only in the nights) the weather awesome.We stayed in the Bay of Alcudia at an excellent hotel with too good food - 'think I gained a 100 pounds - named Playa Espereranza what means something like 'Beach of Hope'.I can tell you that beach deserves that synonym:The water was crystal clear,azure and I didn't see even one stone,the sand super keen and white - I think it was the the most prettiest and best beach I've ever been to.One day we went to a market and I was blinded by all the beautiful stuff:Bright tunics and maxi dressis,jewels,handbags,candies....I was thinking of getting a replica Fendi Spy Bag but the thing I really fell in love with was a colorful,floral hippie dress.The problem:It was only one-size and didn't fit above.Well nothing new but anyway I was really disappointed and got back to the hotel only with a religious bracelet in my bag.Most time we spent the time at the beach or in the pool.I went diving in the sea but as expected there weren't much fishes,read a lot and listened to some music with my good old ipod.My parents belong to the people who like to see museums,churches and things like that when they are on holiday so we did a bus tour to the capital Palma including a following trip to a little spot named Valdemossa where Michael Douglas has a summer residence and the composer Chopin used to live in an abbey.After visiting the big cathedral we had about 2 hours free time in Palma for shopping.Definately too little time:There were so nice shops in every corner and I wanted to visit all of them but we had to go back to the bus with new stuff.Anyway I can't mind the little village was very pretty and had a especial amtmosphere.
Uffff....I wrote a lot and I think I could even more but now I'll stop and let the pics speak for themselves.

P.S. Thanks for the sweet comments in my previous 'Good Bye' - post.

Hasta la vista

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Bye Germany - Hola España!

Hip Hip Hooray tomorow early in the morning I'm finally leaving this depressing country.Instead I'll spent a sunny week on Mallorca.It's the first time I'm visiting Spain so I'm more and more excited.Today I started packing my bag and I can tell you it was a hard job because I was so undecided what to take and what to leave.
Provident I bought a bigger chip card for my cam so I'll feed you with some vacation snapshots when I'm back in old Germany.
So see you soon,hopefully with a bronzy teint and better spanish language skills...

Adios amigos et amigas,

A lot of peace&love

Friday, August 8, 2008

Chanel Iman

At the moment the 19 year old Chanel Iman is my favorite model.The Afro-American has Korean roots,I guess that's what accords her this interesting and excotic look which I love so much about her.Chanel appeared for the first time on the runway in the spring/summer season 2006.In the May 2007 issue of US Vogue she was featured on the cover with Agyness Deyn,Lily Donaldson&Co. as the new the new crop of supermodels.The definately deserves it.I also read in a magazin that she took part in America's Next Topmodel.Ahh before I forget this fact interested me a lot:Her mother was always really interested in fashion and gave her daughter this special name according to the topmodel Iman Abdulmajid and the designer brand Chanel.What a stylish name?What do you think about her at all?

P.S. Sorry for no posting so long but the weather here has been crazy and a big chaos.There were
a lot of storms and we didn't even have power a few times.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Teen Choice Awards 2008

Last night it was time for the 10th Annual Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles.Like every year the winners were choosen by the audience before per internet.The Jonas Brothers and the cast of Gossip.Girl were the winners of the evening:Both took home six surfboards.Hannah Montana-starMiley Cyrus presented the show in a sequined Moschino dress.And there were many other stars like Lauren Conrad,Vanessa Hudgens,Selena Gomez and Sophia Bush.Some of the stars changed their outfits between the Pre-party and the show.My favorite outfit is definately Lo's (Lauren Bosworth from The Hills).The dress is chic but not too much and the colorful unterpart makes it a bit frisky.I liked Lauren Conrad's long dress also a lot but I think it was not so adapted for the TCA
.What do you think about the outfit?Who was best dressed?
Are you satisfied with the winners?I'm anxious for your answers...


Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Rain Picnic

After a sunny period today it rained and the air was so mugy.Just this day Lara and me planed a picnic at the harbour before she leaves for vacation.Rain or not we looked for a dry and canopied place and had our meal:Pancakes,apples,juice,Mr.Tom and cocos cookies.Later on we went to C&A because I wanted to show Lara my new love I discovered one day before:These high heeled gladiators.Not sure about buying them even if they cost only 12€ we took some pics as a memory to our loved heels.What do you think about them,aren't they lovely?Should I go for them?

What I wore:
Velvet headband (Vintage),cardigan (Zara),shorts (Orsay),bag (Pieces),bracelets (Indian Shop and Vintage),belt (Vintage,sandals (Görtz 17),top (New Yorker)

Thanks to Lara for an amazing day.I'll miss you a lot!
(xoxo - your personal Gossip.Girl)