Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Les nuances d'automne:

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Since the temperatures over here are already going down it's time to think about the new season. Hard, but true: Summer's definately over!

This autumn it's all about colors like camel, beige and sand. Nearly every designer had a piece of those colors in his collection, preferably a long wide coat, reminiscent of businessmen's winter outerwear. I'm definately pro-camel but sometimes it looks a bit sallow and prude to me. To avoid such an effect I'd wear it with black leather or similar/nude colors and brown accessoires.

I already own a pair of camel booties which I bought in some little store in Paris last summer which I'm definately gonna take out again. I also spotted a nice cape in H&Ms autumn collection. Hopefully it will be available soon and for the rest - well let's see....

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Les Filles en Vogue

Sasha, Freja, Natasha, Constance and Sessilee at Hermès F/W 2010 RTW

About one month ago my lovely older sister went to France. It's always hard to bring something along for me that I really like, that's why I instructed her to bring some french fashion magazines only. In my opinion the french and british fashion press is much better and informative than the german one. On top of that it's a nice way to improve your language skills... By all means she also got me the current Vogue issue and luckily for me it contained the little documentation "Les Filles en Vogue": Sasha Pivovarova, Freja Beha Erichsen, Sessilee Lopez and Constance Jablonski were accompanied by Loïc Prigent (The September Issue and Le Jour d'Avant) during the Fall 2010 défiles at Paris FW. I totally enjoyed and loved this film of 52 minutes, because it allowed a look into the daily routine of a topmodel during FW, no matter if backstage, on, off or after the shows and contained a bunch of humour. I also liked that the models sometimes filmed by themselves. Even if the quality is not the best, it's definately worth watching it and if only to enjoy Freja's cool "Every thing is fine as long as I can smoke"-attitude and the prima ballerina Sasha in her sweet, freaky mannor.

Here's a little foretaste:

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