Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Show off your skin" - Black cut-out dresses

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Guys, finally summer has arrived in northern Germany too - the weather is incredible, sun and about 22°C. And now the best thing: Till Thursday there's no school. Sigh, what a great life after this period of busyness.

Just left the beach chair for a little update in fashion:
Remember Ashley Olsen's appearance at last year's MET Gala? She wore a black maxi-dress with lateral cut-outs by Diane von Fursteburg and looked simply breathtaking. Who knows maybe Ash gave the essential impulse for the come back of the 90's inspired dresses - wouldn't be all that absurd since she's an Olsen. Anway similar cut-out gowns appeared as well at many spring and fall 2009 fashion shows and have become a leading trend for the current/up-coming season. Of course the stars and starlets follow the new hype and wear black cut-out dresses in short or long shape. Miranda Kerr even chose a 20's inspired Jil Sander creation in this style for the these year's MET Gala and I think she managed beeing a good "descendant" for Ash.

What do you think about these dresses? A trend you'd go with?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rihanna's week in fashion

Last week Rihanna really attract my attention with her outfits and her new hair which I don't like at all. It started out on Monday when she wore a black puff sleeved suit by D&G at the MET Gala. Sure shoulder statements are a current trend but I think Rihanna took it too seriously and looked a little absurd in her outfit. Next day it went on even worse. What was she thinking when she put on these hooker clothes? Luckily she changed for the evening to dark perforated jeans (Current/Elliot) and an eye catching yellow, diamond-studded Marc Jacobs jacket which I really liked.
Next day she followed the pattern: In the day a trashy look à la corsage and low-slung jeans in "zombie" (believe me or not that's how J Brand called the color), in the evening elegant-looking in a white pantsuit paired with a leo print blouse and long chains. Why doesn't she stick to the "evening rules" all day long?! At least Rihanna didn't look that bad on Thursday when she left her hotel wearing a snake-skin vest by Gucci , killer metallic heels and fawn pants. Even if I think that there are much better outfits this one wasn't as bad as the hooker look from Tuesday.
A few hours later she showed up on the red carpet in all over Louis Vuitton at the DKMS 2009 Annual Gala. Her futuristic dress was very special but loveable. I think she managed wearing it pretty good.
On Friday Rihanna finished her personal "fashion week" while hiding underneath a camouflage hoodie which she paired with dark jeans and peach-colored sneakers. I don't have something against hoodies or casual looks but camouflage and these shoes? YUK!
For sure Rihanna had a exciting and eye-catching week but I'd that she really failed. She's a very pretty girl and awesome girl so why does she need to dress like this?

What do you think of Rihanna's outfits and her style in general? Amazing or just overkill?

See you