Monday, January 26, 2009

SAG Awards 2009

Teri Hatcher - Rosario Dawson - Taraji P. Henson - Anne Hathaway
Angelina Jolie - Mindy Kaling - Kate Winslet - Freida Pinto
Claire Danes - Eva Longoria - Marisa Tomei

America Ferrera - Katie Holmes - Marcia Cross - Tina Fey

Christina Applegate - Jenna Fischer - Evan Rachel Wood - Emily Blunt

What? 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
When? Saturday, 25th January 2009
Where? Shrine Auditorium L.A.
Who? Stars and starlets from the showbiz'

After clearing the main facts of the SAG Awards above now to the most interesting questions: Who was best dressed and who worst? If there was an award for 'Best Look' I'd split it in two: Anne Hathaway would get one half for making a discreet but chic statement in her white Azzaro gown and Freida Pinto the other one. No wonder that I loved her angelic dress which looked breathtaking to her dark teint -it's Marchesa! Katie Holmes would get definately the one for worst dressed of the entire evening. Besides the aweful color of her Jil Sander dress it looked fairly deformed and boring on her. Her look was absolutely unfitting for the occasion in my opinion. Did she wear even a bra? Doesn't seem so.
What do you think of Katie's dress and the looks in general? Any favorites?

Awaiting your comments.

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Alena said...

Die vorletzte Fotoreihe find ich am besten :)

Hippiegirl said...

best dressed: definitv anne hathaway
worst dressed: ich finde angelina jolie, ich mag das kleid ├╝nerhaupt nicht.

Cara said...

I thought Kate Winslet looked fabulous in that blue Narciso.

Marina said...

i like Kate's!

Trixy Tran said...

Lovely roundup!

FELICITY [!] said...

freida pinto does look very erethrel and angelic!
i love all the white gowns too!

Cindiddy said...

i love wearing gowns.... they are just so sexy!

saray said...

I really like Katie Holmes dress, from what I can see it looks fab and it's the only dress that caught my eye

Bostonian said...

Nice post ! Thank you for showing us these wonderful dresses !

cazoo said...

agreed!!! love the colors!! :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Katie's a but of yawn for me. I actually really like Angelina Jolie's dress, the color is nice and I applaud her for sticking to a shape SHE liks. Kate Winslet probably winds for prettiest though. :)

Michael Oats said...

Hi! I posted a new photoshoot today!

Photographed by Michael Oats

I hope u like it

Mimi said...

Hippiegirl:Ich finde es zwar langweilig, aber trotzdem sieht es eigentlich ganz gut aus.

Cara and Marina:I don't know why but I didn't like hers at all.Maybe because of the cut?!

Trixy Tran:Thanks ☺

Felicity:Absolutely.She choose the perfect dress.I think white dresses are always a great choice too.

Cindiddy:Actually I never did before but I'd love to try it.Maybe next year at wedding I'll.

Saray:Really?I think it was the worst.

Bostonian:You're welcome!

Cazoo:Yeah especially the blue ones look great.

The Clothes Horse:I liked Angelina's too even if she wears often similar dresses.Kate's dress isn't my taste though.

drinkupthefashion said...

thanks so much for your comment, i'm glad you liked the collage.

i loved anne hathaway and kate winslet's look among others. evan rachel wood looked really good at the SAGs too. :)

MizzJ said...

Everyone looks so nice it's almost boring! I actually kinda like Katie Holmes dress, I think it's very modern.

Btw, I tagged you!

Raquel said...

I guess I would have to agree with you. My favorite is definitly Freida Pinto, and the worst is really Kati Holmes!

Krystal said...


my fashion-diary said...

i agree with you :)
i think the best look of this event, best dress - Anne Hathaway. she look very chic and classic.
hmmm... about katie - she look ... not so bad, but it reminds me of v.beckham dresses.

love your blog darling !

La Mode is Rad! said...

Wow! Great post.
Love Anne Hathaway dress. Simple and beautiful.

agnes said...

oh no... i can't decide who looks the best there, they are all perfections.... but i always have a soft spot for Anne,, she is a sweetheart :)

Molly said...

i loveloveloved the jpg and the dior. i think some of the guest designers did pretty well too, although i must admit the chanel was pretty disapointing...

yiqin; said...

I really liked the lacroix collection! the tights did it for me :)