Sunday, September 13, 2009

NY FW street eye candies

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It's New York fashion week baby which means among of allt the runway shows a huge crowd of stylish people in the streets. So here are some of my personal favs - unique for themselves and super inspiring.


Nemerae said...

Amazing outfits! really unique, yep..=P

Zepequeña said...



caroline said...

you picked fabulous shots here

check out my blog @ said...

great picks. the first one is my favorite. and i love the candid smiles, smiles + fashion= brilliance


love always
hope to hear from you

MizzJ said...

My fav is the last girl - so classic and sweet!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Love everything about the first pic.

Anonymous said...

Love all of those pics! Nice pick, girl :)

gleenn said...

wow! lot's of fabulous outfits. love 'em. great! great! great!

btw, care to exchange links? i added you to my blogroll. please link me back. ill really appreciate. tahnks a lot and take care. :)

gleenn said...

i've added you at

have a great week :)


great outfits.

Runaway Gallery said...

i like the military inspired jacket

SET said...

Love the unexpected looks, original styles.

LML said...

they all look fab - very inspiring!

Taylor Sterling said...

I love all of these. Kind of makes me want to hang out in the rain! :)

Kofe said...

I love it <3

Jowy said...

Adoring this post, Miss meester looks just purfect!

One Love,

todd said...

ge the latest lyle & scott from

AMIT said...

Nice photos shared.

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