Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Look:A little bit of Love - Red Scarves

Nicole has one,Ashley has one,Kate has one and I have one too!
As you can see above I'm talking about simple red scarves.Of course they are not very special but they could give a covered outfit an interesting touch.
My favorite look:A red scarf together with a black white combination, especially stripes (--> Nicole)!
A little bit of Love every day....


Kseniya said...

you made me want to get a red scarf!

Charlotte said...

oh...you're a fan of theskinnywebsite, too? Yeah...and the coloured scarfs are really cool!

Karine said...




Gorgeous looks!


ChiliLady said...

i don't know about the other ones, but the Kate Moss-Picture is kinda old - about 1 year old.

Miu Miu said...

Glad to hear that you like it!

I know some pics are old but as I already said one time I don't only write about new things,also about older stuff that I like :)

thanks for comments!

kathrynsky said...
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kathrynsky said...

i have one too ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love this look with the skinny jeans. I think that skinny jeans will be a fashion statement through out the fall/winter of '08 also! I love your blog!!! I just found it through other blog links. Hope you check out mine.


Jessica Park