Monday, July 19, 2010

Berlin FW: Arrondissement Aq1 / Schumacher / 30paarhaende

Arrondissement Aq1

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When the Arrondissement Aq1 show started I knew from the first look that it would be one of my favorites. The entire collection was pure but yet edgy and unsetting. The designer Christina Arend used mainly colors like grey, nude, black and anthrazit. I also fell in love with the accessories: Bold wedges in black and cream and statement necklaces. Some models also wore plastic beaks on their heads which reminded me a lot of the spiked Givenchy crown.


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Schumacher was the show I was most excited about. As exspected the collection was to die for. A great color palette which ranged from pastel pink to burgundy and an amazing mix of high-class materials. And then the footwear and this leather satchel...I wanted to grab everything from the runway and sneak away. Eventually I left the show with my goody-bag (it contained a stylish and useful coffe-to-go-mug) and the insight that Milla Jovovich looks even fresher in real.


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Actually 30paarhaende ("30 pairs of hands" in English) is not a real label, it's a studying project of Berlin's school FHTW. To be honest, my exspectations weren't that high. I thought the creations would be totally crazy but in the end the students presented a bunch of trendy, fresh and mostly wearable looks that I totally adored. My conclusion: The team of the FHTW can definately compete with "real" designers. Besides Schumacher and Arrondissement Aq1 it was one of my favorite shows.

photo credits: all runway pictures via Mercedes-Benz


Elaine Valerie said...

I loved the shoes of Arrondissement Aq1! they are wonderul, just like the dresses!

BRIANA said...

the first looks are my favorite! edgy yet refined.

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Not a Paper Cup said...

So many wonderful pieces from Berlin fashion week! :)

I also had a blog entry if you want to take a look..

Nice blog! :)

Leather and Lace said...


gorgeousclara said...

every thing looks amazing

Karoline said...

I love the first pair of pants!

Sootjeelina said...

Cute pieces!

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

renuka said...

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Sanzibell said...

toll <3

Casey said...

My favorite collection is the Schumacher. replica handbags

A La Mode said...

Wow I love the Arrondissement Aq1 collection!

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