Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Berlin FW: Christina Duxa Couture / Dimitri / Anja Gockel

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Saturday night I came back from Berlin FW. It was my first time to attend a fashion week and even if it was not Paris or New York, it was a great experience and a chance to get a closer look into the fashion business. I learned a lot in the four days in and around the white tent at the Bebelplatz. And even if I'm still super tired and absolutely exhausted, I had a lot of fun and an unforgetable time. It's such a pity that there was not enough time to discover Berlin. The city's huge compared to the "village" I live in and has a lot to offer. Besides six shows I managed to see at the main location and a competition for young fashion designern off-site called "Start your fashion business", I also did some shopping - of course. Sigh, Berlin is a real shopping paradies.
But now back to the fashion. Here's the first part of my show recap:

Christina Duxa Couture

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Christina Duxa Couture was the first fashion show I ever saw. Aftre some organisation problems at the beginning, the lights finally turned off and a great sound was turned on. The first few looks were absolutely not my taste. They reminded me a lot of the clothes you find in big department stores. But than after a rusty start, the clothes grew on me. The silhouettes and cuts became fancier and the use decent colors like cream, nude or grey added an elegant touch that fitted perfectly to the collection's theme Côte d'Azur. My favorite combination was definately the one with the satin cycle shorts (left). Eventually I'd say that Christina Duxa Couture was a nice offbeat for the FW respectively for my personal one.

.Dimitri by Dimitri Panagiotopoulos

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The collection of Dimitri reminded of a stroll on a oriental bazaar: Embroidered dresses in bright colors, ethno elements and details inspired by bellydancing. The designer converted modern, very flattering cuts with his personal roots, that's what I loved about his collection. The three looks above wear absolutely stunning, especially the maxi-dress. I would wear them right away from the runway. Superb, Mr. Panagiotopoulos!

Anja Gockel

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The Anja Gockel fashion show already started at 10 am so I had to get up very early, too early if you ask me. I exspected a classy and feminine collection and my suspicion was confirmed. The first looks were nearly boring. It seemed like the designer's audience were women over 30 that try to balance between job and family life. The colors and patterns were too painted in my opinion. But in the end there were also some fresher, younger looks that met my taste at least a bit. Surprisingly I aslo liked the combination of the purple pants with colorful jacket (left), which reminded a bit of a tableau. If Anja Gockel sticks more to those racy, inventive cuts and adapts patterns and colors in a less striking manner, her next collection might be a hit.

photo credits: all runway pictures via Mercedes-Benz


Princess of many sorts said...

Gorgeous blog you have...
I am a follower:)

Have a very nice day - SP

Not A Paper Cup said...

The fashion week was awesome! cool pics, I chose some different ones as my favorites, but there was so much amazing stuff there! :)

Kara Marie said...

i really like anja gockels work..i could wear her clothing right off the runway.

le pearl said...

Wow what an experience, yes sure, please post the images, I do not even mind if you don't credit me as I admittedly saved the images ages ago and have no source of credit :(
(of Diane)

Stace said...

yay, fashion week!
I wish I could go to one sometime..

Viv said...

beautiful clothes!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Stunning collections. I love Christina Duxa's the best.:)SarahD

kirstyb said...

fabulous and thanks for sharing xxx

kirstyb said...

fabulous and thanks for sharing xxx

Seema said...

Love this, my fav is Dimitri by Dimitri Panagiotopoulos, the ethnic element is really amazing

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love all three collections but my favorite has to be Dimitri Panagiotopoulos! So gorgeous and wearable!! xoxoxoxoo

Nicole Alexandra ♥ said...

Schöner Fashionweek Post - mal kurz und bündig und nicht zu jeder einzelnen Show ein Post, so wie bei vielen anderen Blogs :)

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Mo said...

love these looks! cycle shorts? depends how you wear them i guess, i'm a fan :) come check out my auctions if you fancy lady!

Anonymous said...

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