Friday, February 29, 2008

The Look:Black&White - Chanel Half toned Shades

Karl Lagerfeld presented the half toned shades for the first time at Chanel Spring 2007 Ready to Wear show.Nicole Richie showed off many times with the special sunnies and looked really good.
Lately Mary-Kate Olsen presented her new pair of Chanel shades on her visit to Paris fashion week.
I'm obsessed with these shades!I love the woven verges with the classical Chanel sign and the round glasses.The half black and half white tinge gives an interesting and special look.Want them!


addicted said...

i want a pair!!

Secretista said...

Not my style.

My big head and those round glasses, equals ugliness.

aNNa*FrOst said...

ich liebe diese brille auch!!!
schon seit letztem jahr will ich die!!

marc jacobs hat in seiner kollektion eine ähnliche..

Miu Miu said...

oh I really want them too but they are too expensive :(
maybe H&M or another shop will design replicas

lara said...

Oh I love them too , I have wrotten about them too and I want them so bad :( But I think they were limited and you can't buy them anymore anyway (only vintage), but I hope like you Miu Miu that there will be some similar ones at H&M