Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Event Watch:Oscars 2008

The night from Sunday to Monday was the night of the stars:For the 80th time the Acedemy Awards were according.
As every year the biggest Hollywood stars attendet the red-carpet event.
A little fashion watch shows that the color of the evening was definately red!Katherine Heigl,Heidi Klum,Helen Mirren,Miley Cyrus and many more ladies chose the classical color for the major event of the year.2nd prefered color was as always good old black.All in all the dresses seemed very unspectacular to me and I was very disappointed.
Let's hope next year for great,special,new and exciting robes!Maybe the ladies would exert themselves more if they would be honored with an 'Best dressed'-award.I should write a letter to the acedemy and ask for this new category....


lara said...

yeah do that, i was thinking ofsuch a category too and I think it would be greta, because I wasn't happy about the outfits too ...(they were not bad but nothing with the "wow-effect"...)
I hope next time we will see some better ones :)

Charlotte said...

There were many very cute and godlike women in perfect dresses...but don't laugh, I really love the dress of Diablo Cody!