Friday, September 19, 2008

London FW Part IV / Did Nicole&Joel break up?

Peter Pilotto
Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Danielle Scutt
Fashion Fringe
Meadham Kirchhoff

Salut mes amis.Voilà, la 4em partie de Londres Fashion Week.Enough french for today but honestly I missed school a bit in the last few day so I had to refresh brain with a little frensh lesson.I just came back from the doctor after my mom took me there because my body temperature was something between 34°C though I felt - and still do -very fine.He didn't find anything special but tomorrow I've to stay in bed.I'm so mad because I wanted to go to the cinema with Lara to watch finally 'Factory Girl' but this idea is done now.Well can't change this what a pity.To cheer myself a bit up here a daily review on the yesterday's shows.Puuhh yesterday it was very easy to chose my favorite but today it's a little harder.I guess Fashion Fringe warmed me the most.Why?It was so multifaceted and there were a lot of pieces I wanted especially these with the colorful blocked stripes.Second 'winner' for me is Issa I feel in love with that white lace dress it's so cute.The jeans in the 2nd pic of Meeadham Kirchhoff also got on my radar and inspired my 'must-have'-notice.So long from Londres...

...and now to something not that amusing for me. When I saw this caption a couple days ago I was shocked. Nicole and Joel the '#1 family' standing in front of the break up?Oh I just hope that's not true because it would make me very said since I like Nicole a lot. Bad girl Mischa!

Ok now I'm gonna drink a coup of tee see you at the latest tomorrow evening


Shoshi said...

Interesting choices from the collections. You have to see factory girl...amazing movie! Great blog by the way :)

NewlyInspired said...

Oh no nicole!

emily said...

i hope it's not true! and i love the outfits!

The Clothes Horse said...

I hope the Nicole and Joel rumor isn't true, what about their little baby?
P.S. Factory Girl isn't very good--you didn't miss a good film, but it might be nice to see just for the least that is how I felt.

molly said...

i really like the erdem one! how unique

Clara said...

Nicole has grown on me lately... I hope the rumor is false! She had her weird skanky girl era but I like her a lot now.

chin said...

that surely is bad news! i am a nicole fan!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

I always love V. Westwoods Collections...

Wow Nic's baby looks just like her lol, cute ^_^ I hope her relationship gets better...doesnt seem like anyone can stay together now a days.

LuLu124 said...

thanks so much for your comments, love your picks from london!!! awww i hope nicole & joel stay together :( xoxo, lulu ♥

Audrey Leighton said...

the photos are from elle magazine online, but the uk site.

love your picks from LFW...and damnnnn about Nicole, I really liked her little family- seemed to be just what she needed, and I hate to think of it all messed up. xxxxx

SICK. said...

vivienne westwood's red label makes me smile.

awesome blog !

Fashion Tidbits said...

i really like the feminity of the Erdem collection!

ryder said...

Sinha-Stanic! i love aleksandar stanic. what is with micha. she behaves like a.. wont say. but the guy has daughetr and wife.. so rude out of her. i dint know that so... great info. btw the baby is so sweet!

frankie-lou and tallulah said...

please tell its not true.
i will cry.

Princess Foofoo said...

I hope they haven't broken up either. they look good together and their baby is adorable. I love nicole richie :)

Audrey Hilton said...

Ahahaha! Coucou mon amie! I read you need to refresh your french ;)
My english is so bad, sorry but i enjoy reading your blog because i all understand!

Chimadan de la Jenney said...

Oh noooooo!!
This kid is a mini-Joel!!
But I hope the rumor is not true!!

Anonymous said...