Friday, April 18, 2008

The Look:Do it yourself - Truncated Jeans Shorts

I remember last year when I cut a very expensive pair of jeans and my mother got crazy when she saw it so now here's a little letter to convince her:
Dear momy, you see I'm not the only one who likes to wear truncated jeans shorts. Nicole Richie, MK,Vanessa Hudgens and many other celebs wear them too and looks good.They're perfect for the beach with a top like Nicole wears it.A bit more urban and not only for hot summer days is the contrast with a long shirt with pushed up sleeves,a long filigree necklace and of course lots of bracelets.
I hope I could convince you and this year you won't be so upset when you'll see me in my cutty shorts.
Love Mimi


pesso said...

die böse mimi macht die mama sauer..nanana! ;)

FashionIsAllAround said...

hey ich hab dich verlinkt danke für deine fleißige commenterei:)
kompliment an deinen blog gefällt mir auch sehr gut
lg johanna

Anonymous said...

sowas kenn ich von meiner mama auch ;)

Mimi said...

@fashionisallaround:Danke :) ich werd dich auch gleich hinzufügen

Anonymous said...

die stiefel von vanessa sind wirklich toll!

JuliAM said...

i love cut off jean shorts and will be wearing them frequently this summer. i think they dress down more formal tops brilliantly