Tuesday, April 22, 2008

News:Claudia Schiffer for Chanel

German topmodel Claudia Schiffer was again photographed by fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld.
This time for the houses of Chanel. Even if I'm not her biggest fan I just can say the photos are great.I love black&white photographies.What do you think about the new ads?


kathrynsky said...

Sie wird immer schöner!!!

The Clothes Horse said...

This seems like an odd pairing for Chanel. But I like the b&w pictures.

Cate said...

very chanel, these ads.

lara said...

I'm not sure, like you I don't really like her, but she did a good job :)

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear,

i think she stills a top model, so amazing the pics are!

i like the b&w pics too...

thanks a lot for passing at my blog, i am adding you to my blogroll ;)
i love all you got here,
so amazing!

a kiss and a hug for you,
let´s keep in touch!


Mimi said...

Great Kira thanks :)

Denise said...

i dont like claudia at all but she somehow looks great in these pics!


Kira Fashion said...

i really think that great models never have to retire and schiffer is really an amazing exemple!
she is really a great model and her pictures for chanel are really a dream!

a kiss and a hug,

hannah said...

gorgeous, of course. they are amazing.

because im addicted said...

wow!! she looks amaaaaazing!!

Vilma said...

Those pictures are so beautiful! There´s just something awesome about them, don´t know what... ;)

jenny h. said...

amazing photography :)

yeah i would love to.

leave me a comment just to confirm you still wanna.

kimberly said...

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