Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Look:Special Footwear for Spring - Chloé Strappy Shoe Boots

When I saw those strappy boots from Chloé for the 1st time at the Spring '08 Ready-to-Wear-Show I was wondering about them and thought that don't look very comfy. I never would have thought that someone really would wear them but faulty thinking:Actress Kate Bosworth wore the special footwear on the airport (!!) and 'The Hills'-star Heidi Montag when she presented her own line at Kitson.If women go shopping and travelling with those boots they can't be so uncomfortable. Anyway I think they look only good on the runway and besides very very strange.

(By the way they cost 475€)


Charlotte said...

They are gorgeous! I already have the Zara version. Same chic at good price!
good blog!

pammish said...

i love those shoes! but it makes legs shorter? cos of the band..? im not sure :) anyway, i love your blog and im adding you :)

Mimi said...

@charlotte:Thanks :) didn't know that there is a version of them at zara...

@pammish:Did I wrote that they make legs shorter?!
Thanks..I'll add you too

JuliAM said...

as heinous as my brain tells me those shoes are, i can't stop pining for them, ha! and yea, lets totally link up!

Anonymous said...